1600: Week One

Total: 418.9 kilometers (260.3 miles)

Time: 16 hours 7 minutes

The first week was a success, especially since I didn’t actually start riding with the goal in mind until Friday. During the beginning of the week, I had some shorter, faster rides, with a break on Thursday and riding for the rest of the week (weeks go from Monday to Sunday).

Already, the days are starting to melt into one another in a way where my brain process things in two areas: bike and other stuff. “Other stuff” includes work, socializing, shopping for food—eating food goes under the bike category, as does grocery shopping. And cooking before and after riding is a chore, mostly because of the dishes, and because after riding I just want to eat. Yet, it’s becoming a somewhat pleasant part of the ritual. Yes, on the bike I eat, too. I pee off the bike, though—wildplassen (peeing in public, basically any place that’s not a bathroom. Indispensible Dutch word, along with hongerklop, which is the Dutch equivalent of bonking—body runs out of fuel, you get extremely hungry, and have to will yourself home).

The legs felt good on Sunday, and I pretty easily covered 85 km (52.8 miles) in a touch over three hours, despite my body being kind of tired before I began to ride. But this form-finding is a normal occurrence when I cycle a lot. I hope it lasts all month.

It also rained a bit for the first hour and change on Sunday. This coming week will have more rain, and thunderstorms, which will make it interesting, because I hate riding for hours at a time in the rain, mainly because it takes my shoes forever to dry.

Below are pictures that are in no way shape or form comprehensible; the idea came late in the week, so most of the pictures are from Sunday, which, in terms of scenery, was of the week’s most uninspiring rides. Next week, I’ll take some of all the cute canals and towns I usually ride through.

The pictures are in three categories: road; rest; eat.

All the kilometers were done on a fixed gear, because I’m having trouble wrangling some extra-tight tires on one of my road bikes, and on my second road bike. . . I just haven’t taken it out in forever, and the fixed gear is the easiest bike to ride in crowded cities, like Amsterdam, which I ride to frequently. I guess it’s just pretty much my favorite bike. . . Maybe this whole 1600km thing would be a nice time for a kennismaking (getting to know one another) with the second road bike?

If you have any questions about any of this stuff, leave words in the form of comments. 

The introduction to my attempt to ride 1600km during August is here