1600: Week Three

Total for week: 602.1 kilometers (374.1 miles) 

Week 3.png

Time: 24 hours 54 minutes 

Total for month: 1611.3 kilometers (1001 miles) 

Total time for month: 63 hours and 30 minutes


So, I reached 1600 a week early, which is good because of the upcoming forecast--rain all week. Well, 1000 miles is actually 1609 km, but you know, 1600 is a better, sleeker title than 1609. Either way, 1611 km, or 1001 miles does the trick. 

On Thursday, after riding, I saw I was only 365 km (226.6 miles) away from 1600. “Hey, that’s only 122 km (75.8 miles) each day over the next three days, and it’s going to be stupid nice!” I thought.  I was going to ride 100 km (62 miles) on those days anyway, so what’s 22 km (13.7 miles) more per day?!” On Wednesday, I rode 107.8 km, and 117 km on Thursday; I didn’t know if I could keep that sort of mileage up for the rest of the week, because I was feeling the effects of so much riding.


On Thursday, I took a trip to the star fort, Naarden, and it was like a fairy tale. There are only four pictures of Naarden because I wanted to get to Amsterdam before my friend's bike shop closed, so I could ride part of the way back to Utrecht with him. I'm definitely going back and taking more pictures. 

Friday, I decided, for some reason, that I needed to ride to Haarlem—yes, like the one in NYC, it’s where it got its name from, same as Brooklyn (Breukelen), which is in between Utrecht and Amsterdam. The Dutch occupied (yes, you read that right, occupied—fuck colonialism) what came to be NYC back in the day—it was called Nieuw Amsterdam.

Anyway, there is usually some pretty scenic, postcard-ready stuff.  There wasn’t this time. I went by the airport, which had a distinct Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas feel to it. In the Netherlands there are signs everywhere on bike paths telling you what is in which direction, and sometimes these routes are nice, sometime they’re not; I pulled the shortest straw on this one. Long story short, I made it to Haarlem, then went to Amsterdam to a BBQ, and then biked back. It was 145.5 km (90.4 miles), so at least that part was taken care of.

Cleaned up the rest on Saturday and Sunday, the latter of which was stupid windy.  On both days I didn’t really get into the grove until about 80 km (49.7 miles) in.  Saturday, I was super sluggish for the first 80 km and didn’t know if I’d make it the whole 122 km (75.8 miles), but after ditching my backpack at home and eating some more of the food I had in said backpack, my legs felt better.


Sunday, I was just happy to be outside cause it was gorgeous, but my legs felt like lead against the wind and didn’t feel strong enough to accelerate against it until the last leg, which I had help with because someone caught me and we took pulls back into Utrecht.

We’ll see what happens this week. Since it’s going to rain all damn week, I’ll stay moving with some yoga—in between the showers and work, hopefully I can fit in some bike time.

And yes, I am tired. Rest is in order. 

In other notes: 

  • still on the fixed gear. . . 
  • Daniel Craig is wonderful as James Bond.
  • I hope they bring back rice crispy treats cereal.