1600: The Second Week

Total for week: 503.9 km (313.1 miles)

Time: 19 hours 6 minutes

Total for month: 1,009.2 km (621.9 miles)

My mother always says, “I love it when a plan comes together!” I do, too. This week, I had a plan, because the weather people predicted lots of rain, along with thunderstorms, at the end of the week; it worked out.

The plan was to ride 100km (62 miles) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and scatter the other 100 km over the rest of the week, cause, you know, even with rain, I should be able to ride 100 km over four days. I got in a rest day on Thursday, because I needed it, and decided to go for 500 km around that time, which would put me at 1000 km (621.4 miles) for the first two weeks.

There was lots of wind this week, and the ride on Sunday was in the rain, but despite this speeds have been rising. To break up so much riding at the beginning of the week, I rode twice on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it worked pretty well. Trying to outfox the rain kept me to a short ride on Friday, and it didn’t even rain until early on Saturday morning. I could have ridden longer, but it’s good that I didn’t because my body needs more rest.

It’s difficult for me to balance cycling and rest, because when it’s nice here I feel I have to go out or the day will be wasted, and I also feel the need to move. The more I cycle and the faster I go the more I feel I need to ride as my confidence in the saddle grows, as it did in high school when I was a runner. It’s also important to rest; I learned that from running, too.

So, since I’m a tad over 200 km (124.3 miles) over the goal for two weeks in, I can afford to take some more time off to rest; the only issue is whether I’ll grant myself the non-saddle time.

In other notes:

  •  I’m still riding the fixed gear, but need to switch to a road bike so I can definitively slay dudes and ladies instead of trying to drop them by out-spinning them.
  • There’s no Bad Boys without Will Smith.
  • I’m getting tired of taking so many showers.