Writing Update(s): Sex and Aliens

I have a few projects in the works, among which is an untitled science fiction project I have begun outlining. There will be aliens, Eastern European urban decay, and weather control. More on this process with follow, hopefully, shortly.

The similarly untitled "Sanne" project is something I wrote six chapters for in 2010—2011, but never completed. Relationships are a common theme in my writing, and this set of stories deals with how sex is used, confronted, and dealt with in the lives of two people struggling to find out who they are. At the moment, I’m busy with editing the chapters and outlining the reminder of the project. Particularly, I’m working on dialogue, which is always a challenge to write convincingly, and developing the characters. The titles of the chapters are: clean; dirty; the true story behind the story; all I have to do is scream; the woods; and we built this come death.

Interesting trivia: "all I have to do is scream" is a line from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and "We built this come death" is a song by the heavy metal band Mastodon. Both are pieces of awesomeness my life wouldn’t be complete without. So, here’s to Mastodon and Indian Jones.

Lastly, there was an untitled essay I wrote for a creative writing class in college on a traumatic event that I had experienced, which I am now re-writing. Since I’d had, and still have, a pretty trauma-less life, I wrote about a sexual encounter which occurred between my freshman and sophomore year in high school on a summer trip to Mexico. I enjoyed writing the essay, listening to others read their essays out loud in class, but the essay ended up being too polite and not completely honest about my true feelings about the encounter in question, so I’m dusting it off and giving it a revision.

That’s it for now.